tsCHUDI Aggregates 

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Situated in Kirkenes (Finnmark county, Norway), Tschudi Aggregates has a  favourable  location  for  delivering aggregates  to  projects  in  Norway’s  Northern  regions  and  Russia. Aggregates have been delivered for export and domestic use for offshore projects, road construction, rail road maintenance and general construction work.

"One  of  our  reference  projects  is  delivery  for  the  gas  pipeline  crossing Baydaratskaya  Bay  by  Yamal  (Russia)"

In the Norwegian market we aim at being the preferred aggregates supplier to cover all the planned pipelines and offshore related projects along the northern part of the Norwegian shoreline. Our hard rock represents a good alternative for the production of standard concrete.


For more information, please contact:

Audun Celius

Managing Director


Office: +47 95 27 72 90

Cell: +47 95 27 72 90