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In 2008 Tschudi Shipping Company, in collaboration with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, establised the Centre for High North Logistics (CHNL) The Centre is an international and independent non-profit organisation established to develop knowledge and contribute to sustainable and efficient logistical solutions in the High North.


In April 2010, CHNL held a workshop in Kirkenes "Opening the North Sea Route for bulk commodities". More than 25 relevant stakeholders from Russia, Norway and elsewhere participated. The conclusion of the workshop was that this was a possibility but that someone had to take the lead. This was the catalyst for forming a strong partnership between Tschudi Shipping Company, Nordic Bulk Carriers, Promintergroup, Sydvaranger Gruve and Rosatomflot in order to initiate the first truly international transit shipment through the Northern Sea Route i.e. a non-Russian cargo being carried on a non-Russian ship between two non-Russian ports. Several relevant companies participated and a strong partnership comprising of Tschudi Shipping Company, Tschudi Arctic Transit, Promintergroup, Nordic Bulk Carriers and Rosatomflot was created to initiate the first international shipment.

In September 2010, only a few months later, the Tschudi Group was put on the international shipping map as a pioneering enterprise for having initiated the first non-Russian commercial shipment through the Arctic to China. "MV Nordic Barents", successfully transported the cargo of iron ore from Sydvaranger Gruve, Kirkenes to China. 

The Northern Sea Route to China shortens the distance of traditional shipping routes through the Suez Canal by more than 40%. This new route has the potential to generate significant savings for both cargo and ship-owners with reduced fuel consumption, transportation time and  CO2 emission.

"The international opening of the Northern Sea Route has proved the commercial viability of this route as an alternative international trade route during the ice free season"

Arctic Bulk AG was established as a joint venture company established between the trading company Promintergroup AG and Tschudi Group subsidiary, Tschudi Arctic Transit with the prime purpose of promoting and facilitating dry bulk cargoes, oils, LNG and other shipments including project cargoes through the Northern Sea Route (NSR). In September 2020, Promintergroup AG purchased the shares held by Tschudi Arctic Transit AS and became the sole owner of Arctic Bulk AG.