The Tschudi Shipping Company history dates back to 1883 when the shipping company Tschudi & Eitzen AS was established. The founders of Tschudi & Eitzen AS were both Captains onboard the world's first sailing tankers. 

The company subsequently operated a wide range of vessels starting with sailing and steamships and moving onto general cargo vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, OBOs, submersible heavy lift vessels, chemical tankers, gas carriers, tugs and barges as well as container and Ro-Ro vessels.

"We believe in the advantages of long-standing family ownerships which allow longer planning and investment horizons looking beyond the next business cycle"

In 2003, the Tschudi Shipping Company AS was established representing the Tschudi family's ownership in Tschudi & Eitzen AS. Tschudi Shipping Company builds on more than 135 years of direct and active involvement as owners, managers and operators of ships and cargoes.

The Tschudi Group is now owned by the fourth and fifth generation of the Tschudi family. Below the three generations of the Tschudi family.