northern sea route SERVICES

  • alternative international trade route for cargoes and mobilisation during favourable ice season
  • distance from Northern Europe to China and vice versa, 40% shorter than via the Suez Canal or 60% shorter via the Cape of Good Hope
  • substantial reductions in transportation time, fuel consumption, environmental emmision and eliminates piracy risk
  • longer season - amount of ice reduced by 40% over the last 30 years
  • close cooperation with Atomflot and the Northern Sea Route authorities
Arctic Bulk AG, was established as a joint venture between the trading company Promintergroup AG and Tschudi Arctic Transit AS, with the prime purpose of promoting and facilitating dry bulk cargoes, oils, LNG and other shipments including project cargoes through the Northern Sea Route (NSR). In September 2020, Promintergroup AG purchased the shares held by Tschudi Arctic Transit AS and became the sole owner of Arctic Bulk AG