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Transshipment in Arctic waters

Tschudi Arctic Transit offers transshipment services for LNG, crude oil and petroleum products and holds the necessary permits for the approved locations in Norwegian waters. Tschudi Arctic Transit complies with the permits and offers a well trained crew and the necessary equipment on location in the event of any spill.

Further, Tschudi Arctic Transit offers the services of approved and well qualified mooring masters, environmental consultant and the necessary hoses and fenders. Tug services used during the operation and port navigation are also arranged by Tschudi Arctic Transit.

Please view our film documenting the transshipment process of Suezmax "Vladimir Tikhonov" in the Arctic waters of Sarnes Bay and the consequent voyage through the Northern Sea Route.

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Dry Bulk Products and General Cargo

Through the Tschudi Group subsidiary, Tschudi Kirkenes AS, Tschudi Arctic Transit has access to deep water piers with 12,9 meter draft, a dry bulk silo capacity of 370,000 cbm and extensive outside storage space. These facilities enable us to offer transshipment, storage of bulk products and general import and export cargoes.






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